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What is Google My Business? How to do Business Online?

What’s the right way to get your business online? How to get your business online from Google My Business? How to get your business online? Is it necessary to have a website to bring your business online? All these questions will be answered in this post. You must have searched restaurant near me, electric shop near me, medical store near me, etc. at some point of time. So you must have seen something like this result. With the help of Google My Business, your business will appear in Google.

Google My Business

Why is it necessary to bring Business online?

In today’s time, everyone wants his business to grow rapidly. Everyone wants him to have as many customer as possible and make more profit. But how will customer know what you sell? How will customer reach you?

Nowadays, everyone searches online before buying any same, what will be the cost of the same and what option is available to buy the same. Whenever people search for a similar on Google, Google show stores around user as well as location and phone number on Google Maps. This customer you can contact.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is google business listing. It is a free tool that allows you to apply your small ones and show large business to Google.

Google My Business is a free product of Google which aims to get local business moving forward and bringing your business online. It is very easy to register on Google My Business. After registering, your shop will appear in online Google search after some time.

Google My Business can add these things online – .

Name ((Business, Shop or organization)

Physical Address

Phone Number


Photo / videos


About the business



Appointment URL

You can add your business details on the online Google Maps.

Benefits of Google My Business

There are a lot of benefits. This is a free tool that will help your business look online now. It also has a lot of advantages –

This tool allows you to attract visitors and generate good leads for your business development.

Now your shop Address location and mobile numbers will appear online so that people can contact you directly and book appointments if needed.

You can also take delivery directly online from your phone number and give Home delivery service.

How to register on Google My Business?

You need to download Google My Business App to register your business online. Watch this video for further information.

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