Webinar Recap: How to Set Up GTM Campaigns — in 15 Minutes or Less | Welcome Software


Welcome just held the pilot, product marketing edition of the “15 Minute Marketing” webinar series: designed to help marketers level up the way they work, in mere minutes. 

Anthony Aiosa, VP of Product Marketing at Welcome, shared exactly how he sets up entire go-to-market campaigns – in 15 minutes or less – and how you can, too.

In this ultra-quick webinar, Anthony broke down how he runs the Product Marketing org – and still manages to sleep at night. You’ll get an in-depth look into Welcome‘s (actual!) product marketing plans and workflows, to let you envision how you can also boost…

  • SPEED: Automate the way you plan your go-to-market campaigns.
  • VISIBILITY: Keep everyone informed (and aligned!) without drowning in “work about work”. 
  • CONTROL: Organize product launches…and make sure you launch on time, every time.

Ready to get-going-to-market? Watch the quick session below:

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