Thought Leadership Videos: So You Want to Be An Authority?


January 22, 2020·7 min read

Thought leadership videos are an effective way to establish an individual or an organization as an authority in a particular niche or on a specific topic.

Jay Baer has a podcast about word of mouth marketing. Rand Fishkin has a blog about SEO. Ann Handley has a newsletter about storytelling in marketing. All three are examples of thought leaders who have found a niche in which to become an expert.

No matter what your niche, video is an excellent medium for sharing thought leadership content with the world.

Thought leadership videos offer an educational perspective on a new idea. With the right content and the right speaker, video is an effective way to engage your community while making your voice stand out as a leader in your industry.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.What is a Thought Leadership Video?
  3. 2.What Are the Benefits of Thought Leadership Videos?
  4. 3.Where to Use Thought Leadership Videos
  5. 3.1LinkedIn
  6. 3.2Facebook
  7. 3.3YouTube
  8. 3.4Blogs and Articles
  9. 3.5Video Library
  10. 4.Types of Thought Leadership Videos
  11. 4.1Talking Head Video
  12. 4.2Fireside Chat Video
  13. 4.3Presentation or Keynote Speech Video
  14. 4.4Panel Discussion Video
  15. 4.5Video Podcast
  16. 4.6Vlog
  17. 5.How to Make a Thought Leadership Video
  18. 5.1 Come Up with an Original Concept
  19. 5.2 Choose a Format
  20. 5.3 Hit Record and Make it Sound Good
  21. 5.4 Polish it Up with the Magic of Editing
  22. 6.Best Practices for Thought Leadership Videos

What is a Thought Leadership Video?

Keynote speeches, webinars, and interviews with industry experts are all examples of thought leadership videos. What they have in common is sharing a new concept or idea with an educational purpose.

Usually top-of-funnel content, this type of video is typically delivered as a high-level overview by industry experts, but practical advice and tips are never off-limits. The most popular and effective thought leadership videos inspire action and challenge others to question their own methods.

Watch and Learn

Blake Smith, Vidyard’s Creative Director, explains what thought leadership videos are and how to create an awesome one. He’s joined by Mat King, Vidyard’s Video Production Manager, and the pair break down an example to highlight what an effective thought leadership video looks like.

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What Are the Benefits of Thought Leadership Videos?

These high-level, top-of-funnel videos are great for any business looking to establish itself as a leader in their industry. Because they are typically found on social media, these highly shareable videos can help strengthen your brand identity and build community by inspiring conversation and engagement.

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