The Role of Mobile Applications in Digital Content Creation


more conversion than any other content format.

So to create powerful video content for your business, you can simply use any professional video editing software like Filmora, which is easy to use and let you produce a quality video within a few minutes.

Apart from that, you can showcase your video more precisely by adding a step-by-step guide by using a screen recording software for Android/iOS/Windows, which helps you to record your screen in real-time, and later you can edit those videos with your own branding and presentation styles.

Social Media Apps:

We all are most familiar with using various social media platforms. It is a wise idea to drive traffic from social media platforms to product/services page by sharing them your content that adds values to their real-life problems.

You can create social media accounts for various platforms and start promoting your video/text-based content there to get your target audience and at the same time improve your brand reach/followers.

But managing a lot of social media accounts daily is a complicated and time-consuming task, so for that, you can use several automation tools, which can help you to automate your jobs accordingly to your scheduled time and date. 

Some of the popular tools you can use to manage your social media accounts are:

  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Buffer
  • CoSchedule

These apps will help you to manage and schedule your social media content, track user interaction, and also you can get other analytics data from your smartphone.

Analytics Apps:

To obtain your real-time engagement, conversion and other relevant data reports, an analytics app is most important.

By using such apps, you have full control and insights of your audience, which then can be used to monitor & retarget for future updates like new product/service launches.

If you are using a website/blog to drive traffic for your business then you can integrate Google Analytics, or you can also use Facebook Ads Manager / Google AdWords to generate reports for your online ad expenses.

YouTube also has an integrated analytics dashboard, where you can find the relevant information about your audience, for your uploaded video content.

Marketing Apps:

Marketing apps are slightly different in comparison to social media apps, in this segment you have to remarket the audience about your new product and service by collecting their interest, location, or other demographic data, which you collected earlier using any analytics apps. This way you can save a big chunk of your marketing and advertisement expenses.

You can send them to push notifications, about your recent content publications or video uploads by using apps like PushCrew, Onesignal, etc. Also, YouTube has its own push notification service, but you cannot rely on them because these notifications are not actually delivered to your followers most of the time.

One more marketing strategy you can use to promote your content is email marketing, where you will collect the email addresses of your audience, and send them the latest notifications, deals and offers details with some special discounts so that they can try your service.

There are plenty of email marketing automation tools available to use for free as well as paid, but initially, you can try tools like Mailchimp for free to market your content and grow your reach. Later if required, you can opt for a premium service.

Final Words

Mobile applications can help you start your content marketing journey, from creating your first content to a handful of loyal customers.

But one thing that no one can help you with is the strategy and the quality of your content, you have to work very hard, think creatively, and add value to real-life problems in people’s lives, that way you can rule the digital marketing game.

I assure you may have now a brief understanding of these tools and their work purposes. If you have still anything to ask in your mind, don’t hesitate to drop your comments below.

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