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Google search results are getting richer and harder to deal with. You cannot copy URLs of search results until you click them. It is impossible to copy the list of URLs ranking on page 1. You cannot do much when trying to analyze search result pages.

To make SERP analysis doable, we have come with a new Greasemonkey plugin helping you make sense of Google search engine result pages and easily copy anything you need: Get URLs from Search Results Plugin

To Install the SEO Plugin:

  • Install Greasemonkey plugin here:
  • Install our plugin here

Keep these options unchecked for the best results:

seo plugin Twin Front
Keep these options unchecked

The SEO Plugin for Google SERPs

As soon as you install the plugin, make sure Greasemonkey is active in your browser and head to Google’s search. There you will immediately notice several improvements:

Numbered Search Results

The SEO plugin will display all organic search results at the bottom, numbered and easy to copy-paste anywhere you need:

numbered search results Twin Front
The plugin makes it easy to figure out the actual organic position of any page ranking for your target search query. You can also easily obtain the full list of your organic competitors

There will be as many links as you have your search results to show within one page. If you have 50 (like me), the plugin will list all 50, conveniently numbered.

All links in the list are direct, so you can copy any without having to open the link.

People Also Ask Results

If you have this plugin running you’ll be able to easily copy-paste “People Also Ask” results that appear for your target query, as well as see the featured URL:

people also ask results 1 Twin Front
An easy way to copy questions from Google’s “People Also Ask” search element

Related Searches and Brands

Google shows a lot of types of search suggestions these days prompting its users to dig deeper into the topic. These educational search elements driving users deeper into all kinds of search results include:

  • Searches Related To
  • Related topics
  • Related entities (similar brands or places), etc.

This SEO plugin will give you a good overview of all of those:

related searches brands Twin Front
These are great for content development and SEO research purposes: Find which entities, categories and keywords Google deems your target query relates to

Video Carousel Results

You can also access links to top video results which made to Google’s carousels:

video results Twin Front
Direct links to video results from inside the Google’s video carousel

Knowledge Graph Links

The plugin will also extract links from Google’s Knowledge Graph and list them below the search results. For example, for a navigational queries, it will look something like this:

knowledge graph links navigational Twin Front
Google’s Knowledge Graph links for the search query [amazon]

And for an informational queries, it will display all data sources Google is using to create an info box:

knowledge graph links informational Twin Front
Google’s Knowledge Graph data sources for the search query [pizza]

Finally, while you can easily copy-paste any block, there’s also an Excel expert for you to play with.

The implications of this plugin are truly limitless as it makes any SEO task much easier and faster. Use it for competitive research, reputation management, SERP analysis and more.

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