Social Selling: How to Connect, Engage and Sell on LinkedIn


June 28, 2021·11 min read

Social selling on LinkedIn is the newest tool in the virtual seller’s toolbox. Learn sales best practices for creating your personal brand and producing video content that drives sales.

Social selling is a work of art if done correctly. It’s a long game played throughout your sales career. The beauty of social selling is that anyone can do it. Really, anyone! The key to being a successful social seller is knowing and owning your personal brand, engaging with your audience, and providing authentic and helpful content.

If you think about it, salespeople have been “social selling” for decades. Historically, we did it on the golf course, at fancy dinners where we wined and dined our clients, and at networking events. Now with the rise and success of social media channels, there is a new playing field for virtual networking, especially now that many salespeople are working remotely and virtual selling has exploded.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.What is Social Selling in 2021?
  3. 2.How to Start Social Selling
  4. 2.1Research Your Audience
  5. 2.2Establish Your Personal Brand for Social Selling
  6. 2.3How to Be Relevant and Build Trust on LinkedIn
  7. 3.Using LinkedIn for Social Selling
  8. 4.3 Tips for Social Selling on LinkedIn
  9. 4.1Embrace Opportunities
  10. 4.2Use Video Tools to Stand Out
  11. 4.2.1User-Generated Content
  12. 4.2.2LinkedIn Direct Video Message
  13. 4.3Be Patient and Play the Long Game
  14. 5.Social Selling Will Take You Far

What is Social Selling in 2021?

The shift to the virtual or hybrid workplace for many companies changed the virtual selling landscape drastically.

LinkedIn has always been a great place for professionals to look up prospects like they would in a phonebook or directory, but many sales reps are now using it for much more. Business development reps, account executives, and managers alike are all using LinkedIn to surface tips, share thoughts on the industry, and do some social selling.

Social selling refers to the idea that one is leveraging their social capital on the platform in order to drive sales down the line. Successful social sellers post LinkedIn content that is authentic and both industry-and-product-specific to network and build relationships with prospects. It’s a long-term virtual selling play that pays major dividends.

“Social selling is a great long-term approach and sets up relationships for later potential deals. It’s like a social exchange. I wouldn’t say social selling is finding and following leads, it’s more warming up people and finding out who’s receptive.”

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How to Start Social Selling

There are a few easy steps to getting off on the right foot with social selling.

  1. Make a LinkedIn profile with the following:
    • A good headshot
    • An eye-catching header image or video
    • A quick and to-the-point bio
  2. Make sure all your background and contact information is updated and thorough.
  3. Start following people in your industry and connect with those whose content you connect with or admire.
  4. Start commenting on other people’s posts to build an activity footprint.

Once you’ve tackled the initial setup of getting on the platform, now it’s time to start thinking about what kind of social seller you want to be.

Screenshot view of a direct video message in LinkedIn using Vidyard for social selling.

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