Plannuh Launches Marketing Plan Builder


Plannuh, a cloud-based marketing leadership platform, launched its Marketing Plan Builder, a platform that uses best marketing practices to help users improve the performance of their marketing strategy, campaigns and measurement initiatives.

Plannuh is an AI-driven marketing resource management platform that provides users with insights into operationalizing their marketing, product development, artificial intelligence and cloud application development strategies. The platform leverages best practices from marketing experts to help users build and manage their marketing campaigns efficiently and with full visibility.

The Marketing Plan Builder is designed to provide marketers with a step-by-step framework on how to build effective marketing strategies, allowing users to execute on programs and measure their business value in real-time and adjust accordingly. The solution uses situation analysis, research into target audiences and personas, competitive analysis and sales support to help users improve their ROI forecasting and budget allocation and management.

“The ability to build, execute and continually improve the performance of marketing plans is what distinguishes the world’s most successful marketers,” said Peter Mahoney, Founder and CEO of Plannuh, in a statement. “With the launch of the Plannuh Marketing Plan Builder, marketers will have a tool to help them achieve operational marketing excellence in 2022 and beyond.”

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