Influencer marketing and the recovery of the domestic tourism industry


We all know the international tourism industry has taken a huge hit since the pandemic started. But with closed borders and increased restrictions, domestic travel has unsurprisingly soared. From Cornwall to Cumbria, Lake District to Loch Lomond; whether it’s a sandy beach, mountain retreat or Michelin star restaurants, UK travel truly caters to everyone.

Influencer marketing enables brands to connect with their target audiences in meaningful ways, bringing the benefits of domestic travel directly to consumers. Many creators have pivoted their content strategies to include UK trips, and with 52% of travellers deciding not to travel internationally, there’s never been a better time for brands to take note. A combination of powerful strategy, creative flair and stunning imagery has reignited excitement for domestic travel and made staycations more attractive than ever.

How creators are encouraging domestic tourism

Generating awareness:

A big part of reigniting excitement for domestic travel is making people aware of the options available. Whilst domestic travel may not have previously been as exciting as hopping on a plane to a tropical destination, creators can drive huge appeal and put unexplored locations into the spotlight, with ease. This ultimately increases awareness of those forgotten or under-valued treasures a lot closer to home.

By utilising both organic and paid influencer marketing campaigns, brands can boost this awareness even further, driving consideration and conversion towards their offering, which is of particular importance at a time where demonstrating ROI is paramount.

Showcasing COVID-safe travel

Now more so than ever, people want assurance they’re in safe hands when travelling, and creators are perfectly positioned to deliver that message. We know that trust and authenticity drives a deeper connection between creators and consumers. Which in turn drives better conversion for brands. Creators can help boost domestic travel by elevating messaging around flexible booking and safety measures further up the marketing funnel to give consumers peace of mind.

Driving traffic to booking pages

Generating more leads is one of the key benefits of collaborating with creators on domestic travel campaigns. By driving traffic to booking pages, brands can see an uptake in their bookings and can even offer promotions and special offers for referrals.

As 86% of people say they’ve become more interested in a location after seeing user generated content, creators really do have the power to inspire action and drive traffic to domestic brands’ booking pages.

Whether you’re a travel brand, a hotel or a hospitality venue, working with content creators can showcase your offering and encourage people to lean into the staycation trend, whilst supporting local companies. It’s time for domestic travel brands to utilise influencer marketing, and make the most of the current opportunities available to the sector.

If you are a brand who needs support for your next influencer marketing, or have any questions, please do get in touch.

Amy Zwirn, senior client partner at Influencer.

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