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1. Whatsapp group of the team to keep updated about any information even when you are out for a meeting or while seeking approval of all team members, etc.

Usability: It is easy to use and have more than 1 Billion users across the globe. File and media exchange can be carried out instantly and seamlessly.

Accessibility: Everyone carries their phones with them and are spending time on Whatsapp to socialise. No one misses out a Whatsapp text whereas even an email might get missed in the sea of mails.

Informal: It doesn’t take time, it’s nothing like similar to start drafting a professional formal email. It is easy, instant and informal so that anyone can text conveniently. It is not a formal channel so doesn’t sound scary or like doing a big task.



Mobile Advertising- How to Use Whatsapp for Your Business Marketing?


It has already been identified as a great marketing and promotion medium and e-commerce SaaS companies like, Shopify, etc now comes with a Whatsapp marketing integrated tool to promote through Whatsapp for their e-commerce clients.



Other than e-commerce events and exhibition, companies have been vividly using Whatsapp to promote their events and exhibitions. They have Whatsapp groups for specific events or industry where they connect to the prospects and keep them updated about their upcoming event or exhibitions.


Creative pictures of the event and promotional materials are been shared to attract the prospects. Not even a detailed text message is required for most of the time its communicated through a promotional creative picture of the event. A promotional creative picture communicates all information like event type, participants, inclusions, venue, time and date, etc all delivered in a precise manner.


While a prospect will find it boring to read a whole newsletter or email about the event and might choose to ignore it, this kind of Whatsapp promotions rarely get missed out.


There are groups where prospects voluntarily join in to keep updated about such events only because they want to participate and they themselves are finding it easier that they need not go and search elsewhere for what is coming up next.


Whatsapp also has a broadcast feature where you can select to send a single message to a complete list in a go. It has also been utilized as a promotion tool and saves a lot of time.


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