How To Find Podcast Topics And Ideas That Actually Engage


What Format Should My Podcast Take?

While finding what your podcast is going to be about is step #1, coming up with your own original format is also important as this will help you stand out in the crowd of other podcasters and define your marketing strategy.

Wistia identifies four main podcast formats:

1. Narrative-style podcast

These podcasts work like audiobooks broken into episodes. They tell stories of people, buildings, nations, etc.

Radiolab is one of the best examples of this podcast format.

As a subtype of this format is also a storytelling podcast which tells a fictional story with each new episode.

2. Solo podcast (commentary) 

Solo podcasting relies on the personal branding of the host, as well as on their unique perspectives.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is on of the prime example of this type.

3. Co-hosted podcast

This format is similar to a solo podcast, but involves two or more niche experts sharing their perspectives on current news, trends or events.

Salesforce has a great co-hosted podcast called Marketing Cloudcast.

4. 1:1 interview podcast

The difference between a co-hosted show and an interview is that the latter focuses more on the guest, their personal story, and perspectives. The Tim Ferriss Show is a great example here.

Interviewing is a great way to build connections with niche experts.

An interview podcast is probably the easiest in terms of content. You don’t need as much research to create this type of content.

You do, however, need to up your outreach tactics to get interesting guests on a regular basis. Here you rely on third-party schedules which can be tricky.

I am using a handy tool called Appointfix to keep my own interview schedule under control.

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