How to Create Case Study Videos That Win New Business


February 19, 2020·8 min read

Case study videos and customer testimonials are a powerful way to highlight your customers’ successes—along with how your company helps.

Case study videos are powerful tools for businesses looking to attract new clients and drive revenue. By using video, you add a personal element that’s difficult to achieve with a traditional, text-based case study.

Interviewing clients in case study videos humanizes your work and allows potential customers to better understand how your products and services solve real-world problems. When properly executed, a case study video showcases the value of your work and helps grow your business.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.What is a Case Study Video?
  3. 2.What are the Benefits of Case Study Videos?
  4. 3.The 3 Types of Case Study Videos
  5. 4.How to Make a Case Study Video in 10 Simple Steps
  6. 4.1 Think Like a Potential Customer
  7. 4.2 Ask the Important Questions
  8. 4.3 Choose the Right Customer
  9. 4.4 Plan Out the Story Arc
  10. 4.5 Conduct Background Interviews
  11. 4.6 Write Your Script
  12. 4.7 Back it Up With Stats
  13. 4.8 Choose a Shoot Location
  14. 4.9 Develop a Shot List
  15. 4.10 Sweat the Details on the Day of the Shoot
  16. 5.Where to Use Case Study Videos
  17. 6.3 of the Best Case Study Videos to Inspire You
  18. 6.1 Zoom Testimonial from Zendesk
  19. 6.2 Google AdWords Case Study
  20. 6.3 Slack’s Unique Take on the Case Study

What is a Case Study Video?

A case study video is a piece of persuasive content that businesses use to illustrate the value of their products or services, through the telling of real customer success stories. It’s a customer testimonial video that adds authenticity to your marketing efforts.

Successful case study videos:

  • Include on-camera interviews with customers
  • Show how your business solves a specific customer problem
  • Use stats and figures to back up the customer’s story
  • Focus on the benefits, not the features

They’re an incredibly important type of video to have in your arsenal.

Watch and Learn

Blake Smith, Vidyard’s Creative Director, deep dives into the world of case study videos, explaining what they are and how to make an effective one. Along with Mat King, Vidyard’s Video Production Manager, he breaks down an example customer testimonial video to highlight what goes into creating a good one.

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What are the Benefits of Case Study Videos?

Case study videos can benefit your business by raising awareness about what you do and attracting new customers. Here are some of the reasons you should consider creating a case study video:

They’re persuasive: Having your customers deliver compelling reasons why your product works is powerful. Video is a direct and persuasive medium; viewers retain 95% of your message when they watch it in a video, and only 10% when reading it in text.

They’re engaging: Your target audience is more likely to watch a short video case study than to read a text version of it. That’s because video marketing is more engaging. In fact, 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product through video compared with any other medium.

They’re emotional: Video case studies deliver personal testimonials directly from your customers, which helps establish an emotional connection with the viewer. Connecting a human face to a story is powerful, and 95% of our decisions are subconsciously driven by our emotions.

They’re versatile: You can use a video case study across a variety of marketing channels, and you can even edit specific scenes and lines to use for other purposes, like for social media. Unless your products change drastically, case study videos offer evergreen content that stays relevant for years.

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