Clearbit Appoints Derek Schlicker As CFO


DerkeSchlicker1Clearbit, a data-tools provider for B2B companies, hired Derek Schlicker as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In his new role, Schlicker will be responsible for scaling Clearbit’s SaaS operations and accelerating its customer growth across multiple B2B segments.

Prior to his appointment at Clearbit, Schlicker served as the CFO of Quantivate, a governance, risk and compliance software provider, and VP of Finance at compensation software provider PayScale. Schlicker will leverage his 15 years of SaaS technology experience in operations, finance and mergers/acquisitions to help Clearbit execute and expand its SaaS operations.

“I’m delighted to welcome Derek to the team,” said Ross Moser, CEO of Clearbit, in a statement. “We’ve seen a fundamental shift in how business buyers prefer to engage with the companies that serve them. Companies that are able to target and embrace digital B2B buyers with efficient and personalized online interactions are dramatically outpacing the competition — and Clearbit is proud to be powering their success. His experience driving scale and execution in SaaS operations will be a critical asset as Clearbit is accelerating our customer growth across all B2B segments.”

Schlicker’s appointment is the latest in batch of fresh faces at Clearbit, with Moser assuming the role of Clearbit’s CEO in March 2021 and Jeffrey Coleman’s appointment to Chief Customer Officer in June. 

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