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I went to law school, and instead of becoming a lawyer after graduation, I became a Digital Marketer. I think there is ten times more potential in digital marketing than in legal. It was the smart and logical choice for me, because of all of the benefits of digital marketing.

Remote Capable 

You can do the whole job from a laptop and rarely does it need to be done in person. This leaves you with the opportunity to work from home, or while you’re traveling. 

High Income Potential

Digital Marketing has good salary potential. Rich started out charging $75 an hour. Nowadays you can charge $100-$500 an hour. Once you have more experience in the business you could do $20,000-$100,000 contracts! 


It’s nice that Digital Marketing often has some bonuses involved. You can get paid if you perform above average. You have a lot of opportunities for more money if you do a good job. 

Business Connections

You get to surround yourself with a lot of forward thinkers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. These are the people you want to be connected with, people who are propelling forward in their business ventures. Surround yourself with people who have the mindset you want for your business! 

Now let’s get into the surprising benefits that you might not consider!

Tax Friendly

You can work from home and get a home office write off. Your cameras and equipment are write offs. Almost all of your software is write-offs. Most of the softwares you buy for one client you’ll use for all clients, but you can charge every client for use of the software.

Never Get Bored

There are a lot of new things to learn and always something different to do. Less likelihood for burnout. Marketing has so many branches that you can become an expert in! If you get bored with advertising, try website design. If you get bored with social media, you can dabble in email campaigns. There’s always something to move onto, to get better at.

Get Paid Like a Lawyer

You can bill per 10 minutes, you can bill per 15 minutes, you can bill per hour, and those rates are going to be relatively high. Typically you can demand payment up front to get the project started. Companies can also pay to keep you on retainer, a lot of companies want your input and want to rely on you. 

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