3 Simple Steps to Implementing a Video Lead Scoring Model


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Scoring Leads Based on Video Consumption

Video marketing platforms integrate with your marketing automation platform (MAP) or customer relationship management (CRM) system to show you which leads have watched which videos and for how long. Vidyard’s integration with Marketo makes it easy to start small and then build up your video lead scoring model as your video strategy expands.

In this post, I’ll discuss three steps you can take in Marketo using Vidyard video viewing data to evaluate a lead’s interest based on their viewing consumption:

  1. Topic-based video lead scoring: Which videos on what topics has a lead watched?
  2. Percentage-based video lead scoring: How much of a single video has a lead viewed?
  3. Volume-based video lead scoring: How many minutes of video has a lead viewed in total?

These steps will build off each other, so you can start simple with step one and then return for steps two and three when you’re ready.

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