2 Steps For Coming Up With Digital PR Campaign Ideas


As you can imagine, when we’re talking about emotions we weren’t really focusing on the positive ones with this campaign, but it picked up a ton of links at the time and I’ve never properly deconstructed it until now. The research went as follows:

Product theme: Private number plates (Some funny number plate content but enough there for a campaign)

Then I started branching out into aspirational lifestyle themes.

Secondary theme 1: Celebrity cars (Lots of articles produced)

Secondary theme 2: Footballers cars (Lots of content + lot of reactions in the comments)

When I analyzed the comments of these articles, I realized why they were so popular with the publishers.

They drove people mad.

There was also an element of competitiveness and one-upmanship going on.

I realized people read these articles and automatically compared themselves, so why not make that comparison literal with a calculator?

I genuinely think if you can come through this phase with an idea that’s linked to successful themes and that taps into 1-2 emotions, you are already on your way to running a winning campaign.

It’s a step I go through before every single campaign I run.

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